How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Photographer


Picking your wedding photographer is one of the most important parts of your planning process. This vendor will be by your side the majority of your special day, so it is super important that you feel at ease with this person. In order to find someone that suites you as a couple follow these 5 steps!

Step 1)

Pick the style of photographs that fit's you two as a couple. There are several different styles that you'll see when looking at wedding photos, most fall under one of these four categories.  

  • dark & elegant 
  • bright & white
  • natural & romantic
  • colorful & fun

The photography style should be something you could imagine loving for many years to come as your look back on your wedding day.

Step 2)

Research your photographer. Check out their website, instagram, and most importantly read their reviews! Sometimes pictures don't capture the full photography experience so make sure to read what other bride's have to say. 


Look for your venue in their photographs! This will help imagine the photos you will receive. Plus, if your photographer has worked at your venue they will already have some great shots in mind!

*Pay attention to your budget and the price of each photographer* 

Step 3)

Make a list of your top 3 photographers. Depending on the popularity of your date or how far out your wedding is, your first pick could already be booked. Have two other choices at hand so you can quickly contact them next. 

Step 4)

Contact your first pick! Email them with the date of you wedding + hours you will need them.

Step 5) 

Meet with them (or at least have a FaceTime call). Email can be impersonal and once again you'll be with this person(s) that majority of your wedding day so it is super important to get a feel for each other and start a relationship! 


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